New GHSD Learner Profile - Response to Parent Feedback

Prepared by Golden Hills School Division

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As you know, a NEW standards-based elementary report card (called the Learner Profile), has been implemented this year in Golden Hills School Division. Parents were surveyed in the fall regarding their perceptions of this new reporting tool. Based on the feedback from parents, we have made some changes to the report card for the upcoming school year. This document will summarize and address the common parent concerns. We do appreciate parent feedback and hope that these revisions and further implementation of this new Learner Profile (including the paper copy and parent portal), will continue to improve our communication with you about your child.

What is a standards-based report card?

Are percentages, class averages, and honour rolls still being used?

Why does the information given on the report card seem less detailed?

Why did I have trouble accessing and understanding the parent portal?

Why is the highest Characteristics of a Successful Learner (CSL)-Indicators "Usually"?

Where do these "Learner Outcomes" come from?

How do teachers come up with my child's mark?

What are the benefits of standards-based report cards?